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Taha Kazemi

Research & Development Manager

Me in a nutshell

As an experienced Research and Development (R&D) Manager with a strong background in computer science, I possess a distinctive combination of technical proficiency and managerial acumen. With a successful track record in spearheading innovative projects, I have consistently propelled progress in the realms of technology and product development. My dedication to achieving high standards is emphasized by my proactive problem-solving approach and a profound comprehension of the convergence of technology and business goals. My leadership skills, coupled with a passion for staying informed about current industry trends, position me as a valuable resource in fostering R&D success and development triumphs and attaining organizational objectives.


R&D Manager 90%
Python, PHP, MySql, Oracle 80%
What? 95%

Working Experience

R&D Manager

Honarbaan Apadana co.
2015 May - Current

I've been working with this great company since 2015, we have done many interesting projects here by utilizing our own developed services and products. Currently I'm R&D manager here and also ICT and Technology Consultant to the Board of Directors.

R&D Team Member

Rasaneh Abzar co.
2013 September - April 2015

They were a great team active in Advertisements, I was responsible for categorizing and analysing customers and business data and also testing and assessing products and services to comply with available standards.


In order to effectively collaborate in international teams, possessing proficiency in a second language, in addition to one's native tongue, is imperative. This is particularly crucial in departments such as Research and Development (R&D), where the ability to communicate fluently in English is essential for overseeing diverse research teams and coordinating members with expertise in various fields. Thus, I know:

  • Farsi / My Mother Tongue
  • English / IELTS and PTE taken
  • Arabic / Few words


Tehran, Iran





Master's Of Computer Science

University of Malaya
2009 July - 2011 October

Management Information System

Bachelor Of Information Technology

Multimedia Universtiy
2005 July - 2008 October

Information System Engineering